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Product Manager

Full Time

Role Overview

As a Game Designer for Pixeria, you will be at the heart of our creative process, crafting the elements that make our game world come alive. Your expertise in developing deep lore, intricate game mechanics, and compelling activities will ensure our players remain engaged and invested in our universe. You will collaborate closely with a talented team of artists, developers, and storytellers to create an unparalleled pixel MMO experience.


· Design and iterate on game mechanics to create an engaging player experience.

· Develop rich lore and narrative elements that breathe life into the game world.

· Create and balance in-game activities that encourage player retention and community building.

· Work closely with cross-functional teams to ensure a cohesive and immersive game environment.

· Analyze player feedback and gameplay data to refine and optimize the

game experience.


· Proven experience as a Game Designer, with a portfolio showcasing your contributions to successful games.

· Strong understanding of game mechanics, balancing, user experience, and player psychology, particularly in MMOs.

· Exceptional storytelling abilities, with a talent for crafting engaging lore and narratives.

· Familiarity with pixel art games and appreciation for the unique challenges and opportunities they present.

· Excellent communication and teamwork skills, with the ability to work effectively in a collaborative environment.

· Passion for games and a constant desire to learn and grow within the gaming industry.

What We Offer

· International Exposure: Participate in major game fairs around the globe.

· Professional Growth: Experience a workplace that's at the forefront of gaming innovation.

· Accelerator Program: Be part of one of the industry's leading accelerator programs, designed to fast-track your professional development.

· Creative Freedom: Co-create in a game destined to top the charts, influencing its direction and success.

· Networking: Build a strong network within and beyond the gaming industry.

· Cross-disciplinary Learning: Gain insights from various teams, expanding your skill set beyond game design.

· Personal Development: Access to training and online courses to enhance your expertise.

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