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Why Pixel MMO?


As the creator team of Pixeria (an All-in-One Pixel MMO), we're no strangers to the question of "why?". Creating an "old-school" universe naturally sparks curiosity, especially in a gaming era of cutting-edge technologies, diverse art styles, and an ever-expanding array of genres.

As time passed, many of us started looking for games that would take us away from real life as much as possible, maybe to fill that missing part in our lives.

  • Those of us who thought a lot in our daily lives played hypercasual games and relaxed.

  • Those of us who were bored found ourselves in the chaotic environment of FPS games.

  • Instead of sitting around and wasting time, some of us got acquainted with puzzle games... And of course, there are thousands more.

Each time gaming technologies and trends change, so do the faces of the games that are presented to us gamers.

So, why did we choose to build a Pixel universe instead of keeping up with this trend?

As the Pixeria team, we want something a little different. We don't want to take you away from "reality". We want Pixeria to be a universe with which you can merge your own reality.

The reason we chose Pixel MMO was to blend the old and the new in the best way possible, giving the people inside a sense of both nostalgia and alternative.

Instead of escaping from today's realities, we have created an island universe where you can feel the happy and relaxing atmosphere of the past and find new friends who can accompany you on this journey.

The reason we created the game with pixel art is not because we didn't pay enough attention to the art. On the contrary, it's probably where we spend the most time. This is because the universe we've created is focused on combining the pixel art feel with shades of reality in the most successful way.

"We see the term "Pixel MMO" as more than just a simple genre; it's an art form."

We decided that this is the best place to combine the beauty of the past with the mechanics and perspective of today.

Because sometimes, with the right story, the right atmosphere, the right mechanics, and of course, the right people around you, a 32x32 pixel art universe can open the door to the most intense feelings.

"For centuries, the paintings we've spent hours admiring have been created with the same materials. This is because we find ourselves not in the materials used in a painting, but in how and why it was painted."

Pixeria comes to remind us of this again.

To find ourselves together on islands lost in the middle of the ocean,

See You at Pixeria!

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